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New Tinder Features Help With User Safety and Catfishing

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tinder catfishing safety features

A major concern for online dating and dating app users is their safety. There is always the risk of meeting sex offenders, catfishers, and criminals on these apps. Tinder, a popular dating app with 50+ million active users, has added some unique features to help combat these dangers. 

Photo Verification

This is Tinder’s solution to catfishing on their app. Users are asked to take a series of selfies, mimicking the facial expressions that are on the screen. Using AI assisted technology, these images are compared to existing profile images. If a user passes the test, they will receive a blue check mark on their profile. This will help demonstrate to any future matches that this person is real and not a catfish.

Tinder x Noonlight

Tinder has teamed up with Noonlight to provide their users with emergency and safety assistance. Noonlight is a safety app that connects with other apps and platforms to give users access to emergency response capabilities. On Noonlight, Tinder users will be able to add future dates they have and note who it’s with, and when and where it is. If someone is on a date and feels uneasy about the person they’re with, they can use the app to request help. 

Safety Center

New to online dating and using Tinder? Tinder has collaborated with the Match Group to introduce the Safety Center. The Safety Center provides users with a number of essentials resources to learn about online dating and Tinder. For Guides, they’ve included basic Tinder safety tips, an Online Dating Safety 101 Quiz, and what to do if you or someone you see is being harassed. For Tools, users will learn how to report inappropriate matches and how to use Noonlight. For Resources, Tinder lists a number of helpful websites and helplines including Trans Lifestyle, RAINN’s National Sexual Assault Hotline, and It’s On Us. 

Does This Bother You?

Ever get a message from someone on Tinder that is unwarranted and highly inappropriate? With the Does This Bother You? feature, you can report any messages that are inappropriate, offensive, or just bother you. 

Clearly, Tinder is taking some strides to protect its users. However, dating apps still have a long way to go to fully protect their users. All of the features listed above will fully roll out to everyone by the end of 2020. To read more about all of these features, make sure to check out Tinder’s press release

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