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Track a Phone Number: GPS Locations and All Other Valuable Information

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Most people – especially professionals and business people – use mobile devices for essential transactions and important communications. So when setting up a new phone, they take safety and security features seriously – one of which is the ability to find a phone location remotely and instantaneously. And with how advanced our technologies have become nowadays, there’s a wide array of easily accessible methods, including a mobile tracker free of charge and a purely web-based phone location tracker

Kiwi Searches, for instance, is an all-in-one digital platform where you can acquire valuable information – including all known locations – just by searching for a phone number.


Cloud-Based Phone Tracker – What Is It and How Does It Work?

Phone trackers, in general, are specifically designed to simultaneously record GPS locations and locate devices. So if you have a lost or stolen phone, or if you simply need to track a phone location for some reason, such technologies would be your best option. 

For optimum efficiency, however, online sites like Kiwi Searches have found a great way to deliver such valuable information and various other important details in just a single search. It makes use of high-end software run by tech-advanced codes and algorithms. The cutting-edge technologies used can support efficient searches, instant results, and comprehensive reports. Hence, Kiwi Searches is an efficient and effective web-based search engine.

Unlike other tools or programs of its kind, Kiwi Searches only pulls records and reports from trusted sources. So aside from user-friendly features and an intuitive interface, this smart platform guarantees reliability and credibility. It offers extensive searches and generates comprehensive reports. 

Kiwi Searches regularly pulls out data from official and credible sources which will then be automatically stored in safe and secure databases. The process is set to automatically detect and override outdated information to ensure all details kept are accurate and up-to-date. The databases are then proactively sorted and organized, making it easier to look up and generate the most relevant information. 

This is why compared to other free or open-source search engines, Kiwi Searches is an efficient and effective option. Here’s how to track a phone number using this elite platform.

  • Access. Navigate to the official phone search page of Kiwi Searches.
  • Search. Type in the phone number you wish to look up. 
  • Browse. Click on the View Full Report button and once ready, browse through the generated details.


Track a Phone Number with Kiwi Searches: 3 Types of Information to Acquire


When you track phones using regular phone tracking devices, you only get to see the recorded GPS locations. But if you use all-in-one platforms like Kiwi Searches, you can acquire various other data aside from all known locations.

  • Phone Number Details

The technical details of the phone number will be included – often highlighted. This includes the alert in case it’s a known scam/spam number and/or it’s associated with fraudulent activities. 

  • Phone Provider
  • Mobile Network Carrier
  • Line Type (Prepaid or Postpaid)
  • SIM Activation Status


  • Owner’s Information

Aside from the phone number itself, users can also get a generous amount of information about the current and previous owners (if any). 

  • Full Legal Names
  • Nicknames/Aliases
  • Age, Gender, Marital Status
  • State of Origin
  • School and Work Details
  • Property Reports
  • Criminal Records


  • Digital Accounts

Part of the report also contains all online accounts and digital footprints associated with the phone number in question. 

  • Possibly related photos, videos, and other multimedia files.
  • Social networking accounts and profiles.
  • Any account log or activity that’s publicly available.


Track a Phone Number Feature: Why Kiwi Searches?

There are several ways on how to track a cell phone’s location. Not to mention, the built-in GPS tracking features on smartphones. But if you’re looking for a hassle-free and risk-free phone tracking option, Kiwi Searches is your best option. Here’s why.

  • Accessible

Kiwi Searches is a web-based platform that can be accessed anytime and anywhere, using any internet-enabled device. It also showcases an intuitive and interactive dashboard, making it super easy to navigate. Its user-friendly design is meant for convenient access, even for non-tech-savvy users. 

  • Affordable

Kiwi Searches is not free software but taking into consideration all the features and services it offers, there’s no denying that it provides great value for your money. And even if you compare it to other paid sites, Kiwi Searches is still more affordable as for as low as $0.99, you can already run a complete and extensive phone search.

  • Extensive

Kiwi Searches pulls off data from different sources and databases. So compared to free tracking devices or open-source search engines, it offers more thorough data acquisition services. In fact, aside from GPS locations, you can acquire even the personal details and public records of the number’s owner.

  • Comprehensive

Kiwi Searches strategically organizes and sorts the data it acquires. So when a report is generated, it’s properly presented. The information provided is easy to read and easy to understand.


Conclusion: Is Kiwi Searches a Better Option to Track a Cell Phone Location by Number?

Overall, Kiwi Searches is an efficient and effective platform to track a phone. It’s a legit site that’s safe and easy to use. It adheres to all national, state, and local laws so unless you specifically use the reports for unlawful purposes, you shouldn’t worry about any legal consequences or ramifications.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is it possible to locate a cell phone position free online?

You can use the cell phone’s built-in trackers which are usually linked to online accounts or dashboards. You can also use Google, but unlike Kiwi Searches, you’d need to browse through multiple search result pages first.

  • Is Kiwi Searches a legit phone number tracker?

Yes. Kiwi Searches adheres to all laws and regulations in all regions it caters to. Note, however, that it’s not an FCRA-accredited consumer reporting agency.

  • Where does Kiwi Searches acquire the data it provides?

Kiwi Searches only acquires information from official sources and data from trusted databases. 

  • How can I track a phone number using Kiwi Searches?

Navigate to the official Kiwi Searches site and type in the phone number on the designated search field. Click on the View Full Report button and wait for the copy to be generated.

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