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What People Really Think Of Facebook Dating (Infographic)

By on 2019-12-26 11:29:55, 1 Comments

Almost everyone who’s active online is a Facebook user, but do you know that Facebook now has a dating service? With there not being much hype surrounding Facebook Dating, many users have not heard about it yet. With so many other dating apps like Tinder and Match, will users trust Facebook to keep their information safe and help them find potential matches? A recent Piplsay survey took a more in-depth look into what people think or know about Facebook Dating, and the results were not love at first sight. 




Infographic Created By Piplsay

Piplsay surveyed 21,242 Americans across the United States and discovered that 67% of them did not even know what the dating feature was. People who knew about the latest online dating feature were not thrilled about the service. About 60% weren’t interested due to so many other dating services, 22% believed it was just like any other dating app, and only 18% liked it better than other dating apps. Of all the people surveyed only 9% of them were already using the latest dating feature. Facebook has billions of users, but will they be able to compete with the other well-known dating apps? Only time will tell. 

One response to “What People Really Think Of Facebook Dating (Infographic)”

  1. […] Facebook Dating is new to the game with only launching in the U.S. in September. Even though it has a long way to go, it was worth mentioning on our list. Compared to other apps, this service makes it convenient as you can access it through your Facebook app/account. The focus is to match you with people who have similar interests, attended the same events, joined the same Facebook groups, etc. Plus, if you have people you’re interested in on Facebook and Instagram, you can put them on your Secret Crush list. If the other person has added you to their list as well, you’ll be matched!  […]

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