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What To Look For In The Best Reverse Phone Lookup App

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When trying to identify the owner of an unknown number, the best way to do so is by using a reverse phone search app. But what exactly is it, and what can it be used for? In this article, we’ll explore the features of the best reverse phone lookup app and more.   

What Is A Reverse Phone Lookup App?

A Reverse Phone Number Lookup is, for all intentions and purposes, an online search tool. Think of it as Google, but built specifically for phone numbers. That being said, this search is unique in that it requires a 9-digit telephone number in order to begin. Upon entering any acceptable phone number into the search bar, the system will begin searching through millions of records to identify the owner of that phone number. The telephone number itself can be attached to any kind of phone, be it a cell phone or landline, or a business or home phone number.


Why Lookup A Phone Number?  

– Identifying Spam or Scam Callers

If you are receiving phone calls that look like they’re coming from familiar numbers or are one digit off from your phone number, you may be getting spoof called. Spoof callers disguise their phone numbers to get you to pick up so they can scam you. If the number looks too close to your number, don’t pick it up.

– Background Check An Online Date Before Meeting Them

Before meeting up with “Mr. Right” who you met on an online dating app, run his phone number using a reverse phone number lookup tool. A quick search could save you from meeting Mr. Wrong and protect you from any harm.  

– Stopping Someone From Catfishing You

You may have met someone online and have been talking to them for months now. They gave you their name and have very few pictures of themselves on their social media. Your feelings for them are growing and so is your suspicion that they aren’t who they say they are. Before things go any further, search their number to make sure you aren’t being catfished.  

– Catch A Cheater In The Act

Have you noticed your partner getting a lot of calls or texts from a particular phone number?  Are they acting very possessive and protective of their phone? If yes, then it’s time to see if they’re talking with a friend or a secret lover.


Key Things To Consider When Looking For An App To Get

– What Information You Get

The whole point of searching a phone number is to find out more information about the phone number owner. First, know what information you are looking to learn. Is it the phone number owner’s name, or maybe where they work? Then, as you are researching for an app to get, consider the information you want versus what they can provide you.

– Cost

What are you willing to spend for the information you seek? Free reverse phone lookup apps may be at no cost, but will likely give you very little information that’s not accurate. However, for some paid services, you can do your first phone search for as low as a dollar! Using a paid app versus one that’s free is worth it.

– Ease-Of-Use

Obviously, you need a service that is easy to use and gives you a report fairly quickly. Most lookup apps will have an easy search bar that you just enter the number into and press search.

– Other Customer Reviews

Don’t trust the app’s website information? You can always check out other people who have used the service. However, be warned that they could be biased, especially if they aren’t used to using this type of technology.


What’s The Best Reverse Phone Lookup App?  

The Best Reverse Phone Lookup App is Kiwi Searches. Using it, you’ll be presented with a full report on the owner of that phone number. This report will provide a detailed list of background information about the individual, including:

  • Full Name
  • Pictures
  • Current Residence
  • Previous Address History
  • Known Relatives
  • Service Provider
  • Line Type (Cell, Home, Business)
  • And More!

Kiwi Searches is an easy to use, intuitive search engine. Simply enter any phone number into the search bar to get started. You’ll be given a sample report with blurred out information to make sure the results pulled are accurate. To release the results of the full report, enter your payment information and access the entire report via your account.  


More About Kiwi Searches

Once you’ve established who the owner of the telephone number is, you can use Kiwi Searches to provide additional services to meet all your informational needs. These additional services include; Criminal Records Search, Sex Offender Check, Bankruptcy Reports, and more.  

Next time that suspicious phone number calls you, don’t think twice about running it through a reverse phone lookup. And the smartest online daters vet their potential dates. With a search engine like Kiwi Searches at your fingertips, it’s easier than ever to make sure you are safe and meeting up with someone who’s been represented in their profile.  

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