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Why I Cheated On My Boyfriend

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I cheated on my boyfriend

What really drives a person to cheat on their partner?  Is it their personality or is it their partners fault? We spoke to 5 women who cheated on their boyfriends.  They told us in their own words why I cheated on my boyfriend.  These are the top 5 reasons why women cheat.

1. Out of Anger

Many women cheat out of anger towards their partner.  Getting back at a partner is a great motivator for why people cheat.  

“My friend was using Tinder and came across my boyfriend’s Tinder profile on the app.  When I brought it up to him he brushed it off like it wasn’t a big deal and he was just looking to meet new people.  He swore he never hooked up with anyone from the app and that he deleted his profile. So I made my own Tinder profile to swipe around and make sure he wasn’t lying and decided to have some fun of my own to get back at him.  I ended up matching with a really hot guy and hitting it off. Two can play this game and I won’t let my boyfriend make a fool out of me.” Khloe S., 26

2. Feeling Unattached

Having very little commitment to your partner can lead to infidelity.  If you don’t feel a strong bond or sense of loyalty or trust you are more inclined to cheat.

“My boyfriend and I had been dating each other for two years when I cheated on him with his best friend.  We weren’t even having relationship problems or fighting, there really wasn’t any passion at all left in the relationship.  It was more of a platonic relationship and I didn’t feel bound to him anymore. When his friend and I started to connect more and more, sparks started to fly and next thing I knew we were in bed together.” Carla V., 32

3.  Situational

Situational factors like getting drunk and having a one night stand happen.  In these instances trust can be rebuilt if it happens only once.

“I was at a sorority sister’s bachelorette party and the shots were flowing all night long.  My boyfriend was back home and we were really in love. My sisters were daring me to go up to this hot guy in the bar and hit on him.  Needless to say, I did and things went a little too far and I was way too drunk to make logical decisions. I love my boyfriend and never would have cheated on him if I wasn’t so intoxicated.” Stephanie L., 24

4.  Boost Self-Esteem

Many cheaters are seeking validation from others because either consciously or unconsciously they are feeling insecure and use the art of seduction to feel good about themselves.  

“I cheated on my boyfriend because I was feeling insecure about my career path and didn’t know where my life was going and needed to take control over something.  I needed something to make me feel good and remind me that I am a goddess in this life. It’s not even like I feel guilty about what I did and I am going to stay with my boyfriend.  But when I need to have a good time and feel good about myself, I know who to call.” Anonymous

5.  Felt Neglected

When one partner feels neglected, hurt or unappreciated it can often lead to cheating. They don’t want to break up but need to find a way to get the attention they are craving.

“My boyfriend and I have been in a relationship for 8 years.  The honeymoon stage ended a long time ago, and we both aren’t the marrying type but love each other.  8 years is a long time, and after a while he just stopped showing he cared about me. I make dinner and do the laundry. I am always the one to make all of the plans and he never shows any appreciation or does anything special for me. When this guy from my office was pursuing me and showing me attention and appreciation for everything that I do, I couldn’t help but be drawn to him.  I didn’t mean to cheat on my boyfriend, but I am human and just wanted to feel loved again.” Maggie M., 38

Men tend to get a bad rap for cheating, but women can cheat too.  The factors for a woman to cheat vary from why a man would cheat. So it’s important you know the red flags in a relationship and fix your relationship before you cross that line.  You don’t want to have to explain why I cheated on my boyfriend to your girlfriends or therapist.  And just know that once a cheater, not always a cheater.  

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