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Why You Should Stop Googling People (And Yourself)

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why you should stop googling people

Google is the source where you can find practically all information about anything and everyone. So, when you’re looking to learn more about another, Google is the obvious choice. But, should you really be Googling other people and yourself? Not really. Below, we discuss why you should stop Googling people (and yourself). 

Why Would You Google Yourself and Others? 

  • Googling Yourself:

As an internet user, you should be aware of what information there is about you online. This includes your social media profiles, public records, and articles about you. You need to understand how you are being portrayed as a person and a professional online. 

  • Googling Others:

Anytime you meet new people, whether it be a person you’re dating, business contact, or a new neighbor, you will likely look them up on Google. Not just because you’re interested in learning more about them, but to make sure they aren’t a criminal or using a fake identity

Reasons To Stop Googling People

  • It’s Time Wasting

Googling yourself or others isn’t necessarily going to get you the answers you need. You could go through ten pages worth of results and still not find the person you’re looking for. This is especially the case when the person’s name is generic like John Smith. If you haven’t found what you’re searching for after five pages, stop looking. 

  • Google Search Results Can Vary

Google results can vary depending on who’s conducting the web search. For example, if you search your own name, your results may appear differently versus someone else searching for you. This is because Google can tell that it’s you searching for yourself by being signed into your Gmail and other online accounts. 

  • There Are Better Places To Learn More About People

Just because Google is the ultimate search engine, doesn’t mean it has the information you need about someone. Google is great for searching general questions and facts, but isn’t the best option when it comes to a person search. There are better online services and companies that specialize in running background checks and retrieving information regarding specific people. 

What You Should Do Instead

Being that Google isn’t the best option for searching people, what is? The best option to learn more about a person is using a people search engine like Kiwi Searches

Kiwi Searches is an online person and phone number search service that anyone can use. Some of the details that may appear on a person search include DOB, past and current addresses, work and educational history, phone numbers, and social media profiles. For a low fee, you’ll be able to view what you need to know about the person you searched. 

So, instead of Googling yourself or someone else, use Kiwi Searches. You can trust them to get the information you’re seeking fast! You can start by visiting this page or by entering a person’s name in the box below. 

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