Are You Being Cheated On? Learn How To Uncover The Truth!

Are you getting a bad feeling about your partners current behavior? Or are you noticing a drastic change in their personality after the honeymoon stage? That’s probably because they’ve become too comfortable within the relationship and now their true colors are finally beginning to show. The sad truth is that these are real signs of a cheating spouse or partner.

Having A Cheating Spouse

Having a cheating spouse can do one of two things to a person, it can drag them through misery for months, sometimes years while wondering if their suspicions are correct. Or the person with the suspicions can take complete control of the situation and find out all of the information they need in order to catch a cheater. The people that take the initiative and are eager to catch a cheater are the ones that are ultimately happier. Why? Because they give themselves the opportunity to find a legitimate reason to end an already toxic relationship. Wondering all day and night about what your partner is doing and who they’re with is no way to live. Strong relationships are built off of trust, loyalty, and honesty. If you’re not receiving these 3 core components from your significant other, chances are, they’ve already begun giving it to someone else.

Here Are 5 Signs Of A Cheating Spouse

  • They’re attached to their phone
    • If your significant other is taking their phone to the bathroom, leaving it face down all the time, or being overly protective of it…those are major signs of a cheating spouse! Don’t just think it is a coincidence that their phone is always face down. Most people only do that if they have something to hide.
  • Obsessing over appearance
    • If you’re becoming suspicious of your partner and their commitment to your relationship, observe the way they get ready before they leave the house. Extra make-up, cologne, or perfume, etc. are possible signs that your suspicions are, in-fact true. Snooping around may be mentally exhausting, but finding the truth will save yourself months of heartache.
  • They seem to be giving you little to no attention
    • When a partner decides to be unfaithful, often the majority of their attention and focus gets put on the other person in their life and on the lies they have to keep up with. This often leaves the person being lied to in a place where they feel as though their partner does not care. This is a big sign that your partner could be being unfaithful.
  • Their conversations with you seem short and to the point
    • Usually when a person begins to cheat they cannot keep the information straight in their head. They will start to talk less and less because they do not want to say something they might regret. If your partner starts to become quiet, there may be a deeper reason behind it.
  • They are working late
    • If they are in a job where they haven't seemed to have to work late in the past, but all of a sudden are constantly working late, you have a problem. Many times people use work as their excuse, when they are really going to see somebody else. Think about it, it is easy to pull off because most people cannot use their phones at work, giving a cheating spouse a reason not to have to take your calls or answer your text messages when they are with someone else. Check your partners phone records for numbers you may be suspicious of and run a reverse phone lookup to get all of the information associated with that number.
Are You Being Cheated On? Find Out How To Catch A Cheater

How To Catch A Cheater

If seeing these signs isn’t enough for you to confirm your partner is cheating, here are some other tips that will allow you to catch a cheater when they are least expecting it.

1. Unknown Number

If you see an unknown number calling or texting your loved one and you are already suspicious that they may be fooling around, don’t hesitate. With the technology out today you have the resources to find out exactly who is texting and calling your loved one. Websites like Kiwi Searches allows you to plug in any number and get information such as the persons name and age.

2. Dumpster Diving

I know this sounds gross, but it is affective. Often times cheaters struggle to cover all of their tracks. This leads them to make careless mistakes, such as throwing away evidence of their affair right in the garbage. Put on your gloves, you never know what you may find.

3. Laundry

Take initiative and do your spouses laundry. While you will look like a kind and helpful person your spouse won’t realize what you are ultimately up to. Look for makeup, cologne smell or other hints that your significant other may have been with somebody else.

4. Drop By

One of the best ways to find out if your significant other is being honest and faithful is the surprise drop by. This is where you “surprise” your significant other and bring them something to where they say they are. If you get lucky, it may only take one try to catch them red handed. This is a great way to catch a cheater in the act.

Are You Being Cheated On? Find Out How To Catch A Cheater

Why You Need To Catch A Cheater

Catching a cheater may seem like a lot of work, but in reality doesn't it seem worth it? You could choose to ignore your gut instinct telling you that something isn't right... or, you could take that feeling and find out the truth. Discovering the truth once and for all not only will give you closure but will allow you to move on to bigger and better things in your life. Life is short, get to the bottom of a cheating spouse and find the answers you desperately need.