Detect Signs of Cheating Using Reverse Phone Search

Detect Signs of Cheating Using Reverse Phone Search

Many long distance relationships can be a royal pain for both parties to work through. There are many things missing from a regular relationship which can lead to one or both individuals to look at phone number finder services for solutions to suspicions of cheating. Think about the situation for a second. You are definitely not single, but you’re not with your bae and are going out solo all the time. You may want to eat dinner with your girlfriend but since she is not with you, you will just have to settle for eating dinner by yourself in the candlelight. Not a good look.

And while you are busy being the third wheel of your friends’ dates, you never truly have any contact with your “partner” except for the occasional Skype sessions that you scheduled. The worst part of all this is that you have no idea what your partner has been doing. It’s understandable to feel concerned about this, so you might want to check out Kiwi Searches, which can help you identify who the “friend” is in all of their social media posts. With Kiwi Searches, you might even uncover the truth behind your partner’s refusal to FaceTime, if they’re just chilling at home.

Why Long Distance Relationships Are So Stressful

You have to face the truth that all participants in an LDR face, is having a partner without all the benefits. You may have a girlfriend or a boyfriend in name, but not in essence since your partner is always away. But despite all of this, you have been faithful and true to your word. You did everything and more just to work everything out and keep your relationship going. But lately, you notice that your significant other is no longer the same. It seems to you like your partner is hiding something. What will you make of that? Will you think that she’s given up on you, or started going out with another guy?

It may not be easy to answer, but the best thing to do is to look for signs that your SO is cheating on you. Let’s look at some of these signs and what you can do about them.

Signs That Your Significant Other May Be Cheating On You

Your friends may say, the more cynical ones at least, that if couples are in a long distance relationship, they are more likely to cheat on their partners. This is not true. The bad news is if they are cheating on their partners, they will be able to hide it better because there are so many ways to get it done. Here are some of the signs that your SO might be cheating on you:

  • They prefer to be contacted through a phone call. One of the crucial assets in a long distance relationship is your phone. On the flip side, phones make it easy for someone to lie and cheat on their SOs. It sounds unbelievable, yes, especially if you consider the fact that texting or emailing can give a cheater a better opportunity to create a plausible lie. But what they don’t understand is that these forms of communication leave a trail, which makes catching them in a blatant lie easier for you. Calling them will make it easy for them to lie spontaneously, and you will not have a record of what your partner told you.

    What to do: Use text and email to get in touch with your partner. You can also set up video calls twice a week, and make it different days every time. This way, you can keep them on their toes and they will have fewer opportunities to lie. You will also know where they are every time you call.

  • Your SO does not make enough time for you like they did before. They may be too busy with their job or house work, or too tired from their commute. They make all kinds of excuses not to talk with you or answer your texts. If they have a side piece, the logical outcome is they will have to sacrifice some of your time together, leading to a lot of excuses and calls going to voicemail.

    What to do: Do not let them control the situation. If they’re busy, you’re busy too and this is the only time that you can call or FaceTime or whatever. Do take note if there is an angry or violent reaction to your suggestion. This could be a sign that trying to divide their time and yours is stressing them out.

  • If your SO has cheated in previous relationships, you need to be extra careful. Around half of them will do so again. If your SO was kind enough to provide information about previous indiscretions, odds are that you are not the only partner she has.

    What to do: If you are not sure what went on during your partner’s previous relationships, you can take a look at the relationships their friends have. If they proclaim to have cheated before, then your partner may have cheated as well.

The total solution for all of these is Kiwi Searches. The site can be useful if you’re ever in doubt about the fidelity of your long distance partner. You may find a secret social media profile that you know nothing about, and find some juicy details therein. Kiwi Searches may also be able to search numbers your SO is texting.

Kiwi Searches can give you all of this information using a single phone number. With its huge database and simple yet responsive interface, this is definitely the best people search and reverse phone lookup site in the web. Interested? Head out to our website now for more information.