Marriage Records

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What Are Marriage Records?

Marriage records are county records that include marriage licenses and certificates. They are a way of keeping track of who has been married to who, and when they were married. People have used physical marriage records in the past, but now these records are available online. Meaning, it is now easier than ever before to find a marriage record. 

There are different types of marriage records. 

  • A marriage license is a legal document that gives a couple permission to be married. It does not mean that they are married, only that they now have the right to be married to one another. 
  • A marriage certificate is a document that proves that someone has been legally married and is often signed at the wedding ceremony before being brought to a courthouse. 

Marriage records are legal documents, so they have to be issued by a judge through a courthouse. The good news is that the county keeps track of them. These documents are available by doing a simple search online. 

How To Find Marriage Records

Check With Your Local County Clerk

County clerk offices keep court records of the marriage licenses that have been issued. Many of which are available online through public records and databases.

Marriage Record Search Engine

Besides going to your local county clerk, there are search engines online for the specific purpose of minding a person’s records and marriage history. To search for a marriage record, simply go to a marriage record search engine and type in the person’s name. Some records may be confidential which you will not be able to view. 

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