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The State of Indiana

Indiana is in the Midwestern and Great Lakes region and is nicknamed “The Hoosier State” due to its country roots. Due to the state’s economy and proximity to other major states, there are many job opportunities for citizens of Indiana. With this, mean background checks in Indiana must include looking in nearby border states for a more thorough search.

Counties in Indiana

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Where To Get Public Records In Indiana

The Department of Health handles vital records like birth and death certificates. Marriage and divorce certificates can only be obtained from the county in which the events occurred.

The Indiana State Police handles criminal records, arrest records, and overall criminal background checks which include a list of convictions over a year old and arrests less than a year old.

The Department of Corrections provides information on jail and inmate records like an offender’s convictions, current location, and earliest possible release date. You may reach the administrator of courts, trial courts, and appeals courts online. Paper copies must be requested from the appropriate courts.

Land records in Indiana may be obtained through the Land Office Index. You can also find property tax records through the system known as the Property Record Card System.

The County Recorder maintains permanent public records of legal instruments like military discharges, personal bonds, and records involving real estate. 

Accessing and Acquiring Public Records in Indiana

Indiana, with its Hughes Anti-Secrecy Act of 1953 is considered an early adopter of public records law. The said act was later replaced in 1983 by the Public Records Act, Indiana Code 5-14-3 which is Indiana’s version of the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA). It is a series of laws guaranteeing the public’s right to certain public governmental laws in Indiana.

Exemptions include: trade secrets, academic research, licensing information, medical records, social security numbers, law enforcement investigations, attorney information, employee personal files, or anything declared exempt by the Supreme Court.

Information may be accessed online, via mail, phone call, or in person. Of course, you may also utilize a third-party people search engine for more convenience.

Indiana Background Check Reports

Indiana background checks are performed through the Indiana State Police. Background check requests that are for licensing or government positions will be handled through the concerned agency and will be a fingerprint-based check. Employers must get a signed authorization from the individual applying before obtaining a background report.

A limited criminal history search requires filling out an official request form issued by the Indiana State Police. The form can be completed online or downloaded as a PDF and filled out on paper. Limited criminal history reports contain only Class A misdemeanor arrests and felonies. Payment ($15) for background checks or searches conducted in Indiana must be paid via money order. 

The Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) imposes restrictions on the usage of background check report information. The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission eliminates hiring-related discrimination especially since the majority of background checks in Indiana are for prospective employment purposes. Employers may also consider credit history checks. 

Indiana passed legislation that offers job seekers protection to some extent against discrimination. HB 1033 seeks to prohibit certain pre-employment inquiries about sealed or restricted records; remove dispositions, adjudications, and convictions more than 5 years old from criminal history information obtained from Indiana state court clerks; and limit the scope of information on criminal history reports.

Aside from government sites, departments, and agencies, you may also opt to use a third-party site to conduct background checks.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Indiana Background Checks

How far back do background checks go in Indiana?

Criminal background checks in Indiana only go back 7 years. 

How do I get a criminal background check in Indiana?

You can do a Limited Criminal History Records Check in Indiana by visiting This check only provides information on felonies and class A misdemeanor arrests.

How much is a background check in Indiana?

The cost depends on the type of background check you are getting/requesting and for what purpose. For example, if you’re requesting a background check as part of the Indiana Navigators process, it will cost approximately $7 – $17. 

How do I look up public records in Indiana?

To find public records on yourself or another person in Indiana, visit your local County Clerk’s Office. If the public records pertain to court cases, you can look up information by visiting Otherwise, you can easily utilize a third-party online public records service like Kiwi Searches.