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The State of Louisiana 

The State of Louisiana (capital: Baton Rouge) is in the south-eastern or Deep South part of the country. Louisiana is divided into parishes instead of counties. It shares a relatively fluid border with neighboring states so a thorough background check must include those states as well.

Counties in Louisiana 

AllenConcordiaLafayetteRed RiverTensas
AscensionDe SotoLafourcheSabineTerrebonne
AssumptionEast Baton RougeLaSalleSt. BernardUnion
AvoyellesEast CarrollLincolnSt. CharlesVermilion
BeauregardEast FelicianaLivingstonSt. HelenaVernon
BienvilleEvangelineMadisonSt. JamesWashington
BossierFranklinMorehouseSt. John the BaptistWebster
CaddoGrantNatchitochesSt. LandryWest Baton Rouge
CalcasieuIberiaOrleansSt. MartinWest Carroll
CaldwellIbervilleOuachitaSt. MaryWest Feliciana
CameronJacksonPlaqueminesSt. TammanyWinn
CatahoulaJefferson DavisPointe Coupee

Where To Get Public Records In Louisiana 

The Bureau of Identification and Information of Louisiana State Police handle criminal records that contain detailed information of a person’s interaction with law enforcement. The Louisiana Computerized Criminal History (LACCH) system contains incarceration records and records on applicants for positions requiring fingerprint-based background checks. An online background check portal also provides name-based background reports.

The Louisiana Department of Corrections provides inmate records of Louisiana offenders while the Louisiana Court System provides court records. Vital records may be accessed via the State Registrar and Vital Records.

Local property records in Louisiana are filed with the parish Clerk of Court while the Howard-Tilton Memorial Library at Tulane University has an online land transactions database. You can also visit the Louisiana State Website for more historical documents. The Louisiana Tax Commission provides data on parish tax rolls by the parish.

Accessing and Acquiring Public Records in Louisiana 

The Louisiana Public Records Act, also known as Sunshine Law, defines what constitutes public records aside from the ones exempted by the Constitution of Louisiana including pending criminal litigation, juvenile status offenders, sexual assault victims, security procedures, trade secrets, and some public employee data.

Everyone can access public records and no stated purpose is required. Some public records are accessed online while some require the submission of physical forms. Requests may be sent via email, mail, or phone call. Every Louisiana department is different so expect variations in rules. 

Public records request usually includes your name and contact information, the name of the document requested, when and how it would be delivered. Fees are only collected when the requester asks to search records outside regular business hours. Aside from the aforementioned, you may also opt to use a third-party people search engine.

Louisiana Background Check Reports

Louisiana criminal background checks, including those that require fingerprint cards, require filling out an official request form from the Louisiana State Police, Bureau of Criminal Identification and Information. The Louisiana background check form can be done online or downloaded as a PDF. A separate rap disclosure form must also be submitted.

Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) allows information from the last seven years to be collected including tax liens, charges, arrests, and convictions. The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) regulations must also be observed during background checks. The LA Rev. Stat. Sec. 9:3571.1 requires reporting agencies to keep for at least two years all records of any background check report. The LA Rev. Stat. §23-897 meanwhile prohibits employers to require applicants to pay for their background checks.

Top reasons for background checks include employment, tenant screening, and gun purchases. Requestors may also opt for non-FCRA compliant third-party services. Inquire from concerned agencies about the payment such as if they accept money orders.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Louisiana Background Checks

How do I get a background check in Louisiana?

If you are looking to run a criminal background check on someone in Louisiana, contact your local police officials or the Louisiana State Police. To obtain vital records in Louisiana, submit an order with the Louisiana Bureau of Vital Records and Statistics. For Divorce records, you will need to contact the County Clerk where the Divorce was granted. 

For fast results, use an online third-party background check service like Kiwi Searches

How far back does a background check go in Louisiana?

Louisiana background checks only go back 7 years. Criminal records including civil suits and judgments and arrest records may be included. 

Are criminal records public in Louisiana?

Criminal records in Louisiana are not public. To obtain Criminal Records on behalf of an agency, you will need to submit a request with the Louisiana State Police. To obtain a non-official criminal history of a person, utilize a third-party service like Kiwi Searches. 

How much is a background check in Louisiana?

A Criminal Background Check in Louisiana costs $26, which is payable online by credit card. 

How long do felonies stay on your record in Louisiana?

In Louisiana, felonies stay on your record for ten years. To get your felony or felonies expunged, your ten-year time frame must have elapsed and you did not get convicted of any other criminal charges.