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State of Vermont 

The State of Vermont, known as The Green Mountain State, is bordered by Maine, New York, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, and Canada in the northeastern part of the United States. Vermont, as the 45th largest and the 49th most populated state, has quite a small population. The state’s biggest businesses include government, real estate, durable goods manufacturing, and health care.

Although small with not many job opportunities, the state still experiences heavy movement as it is surrounded by various states. It is, therefore, best to perform a criminal record check in other states when conducting a Vermont background check.

Counties in Vermont 

AddisonChittendenGrand IsleOrleansWindham

Where To Get Public Records In Vermont 

Vital records, including civil unions, divorces, dissolutions, fetal deaths, and abortions are handled by the Vermont Department of Health.

The Vermont Criminal Conviction Record Internet Service provides criminal records or a detailed record of someone’s interactions with law enforcement. This includes arrest records, convictions, and incarcerations. Inmate records are handled by the Vermont Department of Corrections. The Vermont Judiciary developed the VT Courts Online to provide access to public court records information via the internet.

The Vermont Secretary of State handles land records while the yearly land grants in Vermont are found in New Hampshire Land Grants. Property tax records are handled by the Vermont Department of Taxes. Deed records and other real property records are handled at the local level.

Accessing and Acquiring Public Records in Vermont

The Vermont Public Records Law ensures public access to documents are produced and acquired during a public agency business. Under this law, the Department of Public Service must provide access to all records unless specifically exempted. The Watergate Scandal resulted in the Public Records Act in Vermont ensuring transparency, accountability, and better decision-making procedures in government agencies.

Anyone can request a record in Vermont. Public records can be found online, but some may be requested via email, mail, or phone. State agencies may implement various rules regarding records access. All Vermont agencies must respond to requests within 2 business days. Fees may be collected to cover reproduction costs or extra search time.

You may also opt to utilize a third-party online people search engine for your records search.

Vermont Background Check Reports

Vermont background checks are performed for various reasons, mostly for employee background screening. To initiate a background check, a request must be made via Vermont Criminal Conviction Record Internet Service (VCCRIS), provided by the Vermont Crime Information Center (VCIC). An online form must be filled out and a non-refundable fee of $30 for every conviction report must be settled. VCIC records are state records; A FBI fingerprint-based background search is more suitable if you’re looking for a nationwide records search. You can also make use of third-party sites offering background check services.

Vermont background searches are governed by certain laws like the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA)  and  Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC). The Ban-the-Box policy (H. 261) also applies to all public-sector employees. A job seeker’s credit history may only be accessed if the position is as a first responder, will have fiduciary responsibilities, or will grant access to payroll information. It may, however, not be the sole basis for a job seeker to be deemed qualified for the position.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Vermont Background Checks

How far back does a background check go in VT?

Vermont criminal background checks go back 7 years, particularly for employment purposes as dictated by the FCRA.

Are marriage records public in Vermont?

Marriage records are not public in Vermont. A request for such records must be submitted to the Vermont Department of Health

Are there any background checks that are actually free?

Yes, particularly through legitimate government websites. The particular information you may be looking for is, however, not guaranteed to be found through such free means.