Reverse Address Public Search

Reasons to Run a Reverse Address Search

Do you want to be sure you’re heading to the right place? Or maybe you want to double check that an address is legit? Discover all the information you need to know about a residential location with our address finder.

Current and Previous Owners

Current and Previous Owners

Our reverse address lookup will list the name of the current property owner, along with people who have previously lived there.

Values and History

Values and History

Find out a property’s current value along with its history of sale prices, loans, deeds, and more.

Neighborhood Statistics

Neighborhood Statistics

Learn more about your current neighborhood, or do some research on one that you’re thinking about moving to or visiting.

If you need more information about a particular address, a reverse address directory search provides the information that you seek. Kiwi Searches offers detailed and comprehensive reverse address public search information. Search with us to find everything there is to know publicly available about a particular property.

Why Reverse Address Search?

Our reverse address search feature provides information that brings you confidence and peace of mind about the property. We offer this service because we know there is loads of information out there, but it is hard to find, so we bring it all into one location.

When you perform a reverse address search, you receive a variety of pieces of information that is available, including:

  • Current and previous owners of the property
  • Current values and history of sale prices, deeds, and loans
  • Current neighborhood statistics the provide a fuller picture of the situation

We offer this information because we believe that knowledge is power and the more knowledge you have, the more power you have. We believe in empowering you to make the best choices. Discover what the true story behind a property is with our services.

Why Us?

Our search feature is simple and intuitive so that you can quickly find the information that you are looking for.

Begin the search by entering the address you want to investigate in the search box. Our servers run the address through our public directories to find matches and relevant information. Once we have exhausted all available resources, we collect what we discovered.

We send the results directly to your inbox once the search is complete and you then decide what to do with your newfound knowledge.

Whether you're looking to buy property or want to know a little more about a local business, a reverse address directory search helps you. Use Kiwi Searches for your reverse address search today.

Success Stories

“I’ve always been a family man. I grew up surrounded by my aunts and uncles, grandparents, cousins, and other family members. I want my kids to experience that, too. Technology isn’t like it is today so I lost touch with a lot of my relatives over the past few decades. Some moved away from Maryland and others got married and changed their last names. I thought I would never see them again until I found Kiwi Searches. I was able to find the current phone numbers and addresses of all my favorite family members. Next month, I’m holding a family reunion for everyone. Sending out invitations was a breeze when I had all the right addresses. It wouldn’t be possible without the help of Kiwi Searches. Thanks, guys!”

Ted P., 45, Laurel, MD