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Reverse Phone Number Lookup: Everything You Need To Know in 2023

At least once, have you received an anonymous incoming call you’re hesitant to pick up? Have you ever received a phone call but it says Unknown Caller or Unrestricted Call?

Most cell phone user’s immediate reaction when receiving such calls is to ignore them. Some, however, surrender to their curiosity by answering it, possibly falling victim to a scammer. One great way of satisfying your curiosity without sacrificing your safety is to initiate a cell phone reverse search. This is a fast and easy way of knowing who your anonymous caller is. If you’re one of the many cell phone users who’re often frustrated or annoyed by random and unknown calls, read on as we’ll be sharing with you some tips on how to initiate a hassle-free reverse phone number lookup.

What Is A Reverse Phone Number Lookup?

Online search designation reverse lookup search

A reverse phone tracker or lookup is an online search tool that works similarly to a search engine. Like Google, for instance, these cloud-based search tools could return relative and comprehensible results just by inputting keywords or key information.

The main difference is that search engines like Kiwi Searches are specifically designed for phone numbers. Hence, you’ll be required to type in a valid 9-digit number to initiate a reverse search of a cell phone number.

A reverse lookup phone number tool keeps a safe and secure database where they store valuable data acquired from various reliable sources. The Kiwi Searches database is constantly updated to ensure they only provide complete and accurate information. They then utilize cutting-edge technologies to automate and streamline the searching process.

Initiating a reverse phone search is extremely easy, even less tech-savvy users can do it. As long as the number originated in the United States, you can identify the phone owner regardless if it’s a landline number, cell phone number, home phone number, or business number.

After a few clicks and a few minutes, you’ll receive an organized reverse phone number search report typically via email. Depending on the tool like Kiwi Searches, you’ll need to either pay for a subscription or try a trial.

Once the whole reverse phone lookup process is completed, you’ll be presented with a full and up-to-date report about the phone number’s owner. Such reports contain valuable personal information, including:

  • Full Name and All Known Aliases
  • Publicly Available Pictures
  • Registered or Known Relatives
  • Current and All Previous Home Addresses
  • Other Available Contact Information (secondary phone number, fax number, or email address)
  • Service or Network Provider
  • Line Type (Cell, Home, Business)

If you’ll be using Kiwi Searches, you could obtain access to any available background information that doesn’t typically come in a standard phone number lookup. Kiwi Searches offers additional services like Criminal Records Search, Sex Offender Check, Reverse Address Lookup, Bankruptcy, and Liens and Judgements Reports.

What Can A Reverse Phone Number Lookup Be Used For?

Who might benefit from reverse

People initiate a reverse search cell phone for varying reasons. Since a reverse phone cell lookup provides comprehensive and extensive reports regarding the owner, search engines such as Kiwi Searches can be utilized in various beneficial ways.

The most common reason to utilize a reverse cell search tool is to satisfy people’s curiosity about a missed call or unexpected message from an unsaved number. There are also those who double-check numbers given by an affiliate or a newly found friend before they enter into any deal, transaction, or relationship.

There are valid reasons for phone number searches - from mere curiosity to personal safety to business purposes. To name a few, here are four situations wherein a reverse search telephone number would be ideal.

  1. Caller/Owner Identification

    Aside from identifying who called you, running a reverse search would help ensure they are who they say they are. For instance, if you’re transacting with a buyer or a seller, you could validate their true identity. This could come in handy in case you’ve met someone on an online dating site and wish to confirm everything about them first before deciding to enter into a serious relationship. Identifying your caller or a phone number’s owner is more than just acquiring their name but also a way of ensuring they’re worthy of your trust.

  2. Purpose Verification

    Aside from learning the identity of the phone number’s owner, you can verify the true purpose of the person who’s trying to call. If a real property broker, for instance, tried to contact you, explaining they’ve seen you view one of their listings, you could run a search to verify if they’re actually a realtor. Through a person search report, view their criminal past, employment and work history, licenses, social media profiles, and more.

  3. Phone Call Harassment Prevention

    Blocking unknown numbers sounds like a great solution but if your malicious callers are persistent, they could simply utilize a different number and repeat the process over and over. To permanently address and end such harassment, run a number lookup, collate the data, and report them to the authorities.

  4. Catfishing, Social Engineering, and Telemarketing Avoidance

    Though not all restricted or anonymous calls are bad, intentional hiding or masking of caller IDs is typically done by catfishers, social engineers, or even telemarketers. Before picking up and ending up falling victim to these malicious callers, it’s best to first cross-check who your anonymous phone caller or message sender is. In fact, you cannot only avoid such malicious or suspicious persons, but you could also catch a cheater or stop someone who’s attempting to make you a mistress or a lover.

How Do I Run A Reverse Phone Number Lookup?

How to use reverse phone number search

Now that you’re aware of what a telephone number lookup reverse is and why you might need to initiate a reverse number search cell phone, we’ll be sharing how to use a cellular phone reverse search tool.

As previously mentioned, it typically takes only a few clicks and minutes to acquire reverse phone lookup records. Note that the process may vary depending on the cell phone/telephone lookup tool you’re using. For Kiwi Searches, here’s the step-by-step process to run a telephone lookup by phone number.

  1. Navigate to the Reverse Phone Number Lookup page.
  2. Type in the phone number (including the area code) into the search field.
  3. Click on the Search Icon/Magnifying Glass Button right beside the search box.
  4. When redirected to a separate page with a large progress bar in the center, simply wait for a few seconds as this means the service is starting to search through millions of records stored in Kiwi Searches’ vast databases.
  5. When the progress bar completes, you’ll be asked to answer a captcha question which would lead you to the sample report page.
  6. The sample report page will display a list of background information but most of the details are blurred at this point. To continue, click on the Get Full Report button located at the top right corner of the page.
  7. You’ll be redirected to the payment page where you’ll see a detailed overview of your report. There’s a section where you can input your payment information to complete the reverse phone lookup subscription.
  8. Click on the Submit button and once everything’s verified, you’ll gain full access to a complete and accurate background check report on the owner of the phone number in question.

Once you’ve subscribed to Kiwi Searches’ services, you obtain unlimited access, meaning you can initiate as many searches as you want. You can acquire necessary data and valuable details anytime and anywhere. Kiwi Searches is tirelessly collating data from various reliable sources to guarantee only accurate and up-to-date information is included in the reports. All these extensive and comprehensive reports are at your disposal, allowing you to make an informed decision should the same number or caller tries to contact you again.

Some phone users can’t help but pick up when they receive a call from an unregistered or unknown number, thinking it could be from someone they know. While there’s nothing wrong with that, it would also be wiser to initiate a telephone lookup by number first. Looking up cell phone numbers could save you from possible dangers, including phishing, social engineering, cyberbullying, hacking, scamming, and the like. After all, in this modern age where even predators have gone digital, one can never be too careful.

Success Stories

“You wouldn’t believe how many dudes make fake profiles and pretend to be girls on these dating sites. It’s their sick idea of fun. I got tricked once and I won’t let it happen again. Whenever I’m about to meet a potential date in person, I look up their name and phone number on Kiwi Searches. At least a few of the ‘girls’ I was interested in were completely fake! I saved myself the time and the humiliation of meeting these tricksters in person. Online dating is so much easier now with Kiwi Searches.”

David M., 30, Jacksonville, FL

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Kiwi Searches?

Kiwi Searches is an advanced public records search engine and background checker designed to give anybody the ability to perform quick, easy, and affordable background checks. We currently offer six (6) different ways to search for reports, including; person, phone, sex offender, criminal, bankruptcy, and liens & judgments searches.

How do I find out who owns a telephone number?

Simply enter any phone number into the search bar above to get started with your reverse phone number search. After a few minutes you’ll be presented with an opportunity to begin your trial or purchase a full membership. This will grant you access to your own personal dashboard, where you’ll be able to view your reverse phone report. From your Kiwi Searches dashboard you’ll be able to search for additional phone reports and perform other tasks such as person search as well.

Can I perform a background check using Kiwi Searches?

Yes you can use Kiwi Searches public records search to perform a background check. Our service enables users to perform comprehensive background checks on any individual using either their full name or phone number. That being said, Kiwi Searches abides by the terms and conditions set forth by the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA). This means that the information provided to you by Kiwi Searches cannot be used for Employment screenings, Tenant screenings, Education screenings, or Credit decisions. As Kiwi Searches is NOT a consumer reporting agency as defined by the FCRA.

What information can I get from a Reverse Phone Number search?

After running a reverse phone number search on our site, you’ll see a variety of information related to the owner of the phone number you entered. As you’ll see on the phone report summary page, each of our phone reports contains vital information, such as; the owner’s full name, age, address, carrier information and more! We at Kiwi Searches work tirelessly to provide our customers with the most accurate and up-to-date information available.

How does Kiwi Searches find the data used in its phone reports?

Kiwi Searches gathers information from a variety of sources, including online directories and extensive databases to provide our customers with as much accurate, reliable, and up-to-date information as possible. On top of this, our service also scrapes the internet searching for any information related to your search. Once all this information has been collected, Kiwi Searches will neatly format the raw data in and easy to read, single report for your viewing pleasure.

How can I find a mobile number by name?

Using Kiwi Searches persons search feature, you can search any person and find out what their phone number is. Other information our service can retrieve about a person includes social media profiles, family members, where they live, and more.