Reverse Phone Lookup: How People Search For Information?

Reverse Phone Lookup


Sometimes, searching people’s information can be extremely important. For example, you missed a call from a John Wade with the phone number starting in 880. You know a John Wade, but you’re not sure if it’s him. So, you look up the area code 880 to find out where the call came from and if you need to give him a call back. Scenarios like this make it important to know how to lookup phone numbers in reverse

When Do People Use Reverse Phone Lookup?

There are many possible scenarios when it would be beneficial to look up the number of someone who’s been calling, especially when the number has called repeatedly. Below we will list some situations when it’s entirely appropriate and necessary to do a reverse phone lookup to get some details about a caller or number.

  1. You’re organizing your workplace and you see a piece of paper with no name, just a number. You remember writing it days earlier but don’t really know much except for that detail. You can use a reverse phone look up service to decide if the number has to go to your contacts list or the trash bin.
  2. There is a number calling you right now, and you’re trying to figure out if the call is from someone you know or a sales call. Make a quick search on the web for the number to see if you need to answer the phone or not.
  3. Your doctor referred you to a colleague of his regarding one of the things that he found on your tests. Because he was hurrying, he forgot to jot down the address. You have the name and the number, so you can do a quick lookup and find the address of this referral.
  4. You were looking at your phone bills and realize there were some calls to a number that you don’t recognize. Did the telephone company make a mistake? Did you just not remember that you called the number? Is somebody using your phone without you knowing? A simple reverse phone lookup will determine the reason.

What Are The Best Methods To Use When Looking up Phone Numbers?

There are a lot of ways that you can use phone numbers to look up information regarding people. Some use apps and some simply use free services that have always been there. In this next part, we will discuss how people find information they’re looking for using the different methods of reverse phone lookup.


One of the best things about Google is the number of users it has. You can use the public data that Google has on practically everyone to look up the owner of the phone number who has been calling you. Just enter the number you want to look up in the search bar. However, one of the main drawbacks is that the search list sometimes auto-populates, so searching for the correct information is hit or miss.

Social Media

This is another free service that can be used to trace the owner of a call. Social media platforms have millions of users across the country and some have more than one account across multiple platforms. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and other social media sites can be used to verify the identity of the owner of the number calling you. Facebook, in particular, can be used for just this purpose since it has a feature that helps users look up other users through their phone numbers. And its massive database doesn’t exactly hurt either. However, if you’re not a current user, you would need to create an account in order for you to look the number up.

Special Search Engines

Aside from Google, the most popular search engines that we all know are Bing, Internet Explorer, and Yahoo. But there are other search engines dedicated to finding people and information. These specialized search engines base their search results on the information entered on the search bar, like the name, email, and phone numbers. Just enter the number including the area code to get search results.

Free Reverse Lookup Services

These are sites that specialize in looking up information from public records. You can enter almost any information you know about the person, including the phone number, and the site will list any hits that it has. You can search for information on the web, but our recommendation goes to Kiwi Searches. Just enter the number so you will have the information that you want

If you are looking for information on a landline number, you will have more success than when with a cell phone number. There is simply that much more information available on landlines since these are registered on public records. Even then, you can’t be sure that it is accurate or updated.

Doing a reverse lookup of phone numbers online can be such a pain but sometimes, you’ve got no choice except to just do it. And one of the best tools that you can use is Kiwi Searches. Find the information that you are looking for with just a click. Go to our website now!