Things You May Not Know About Reversed Phone Lookup

Things You May Not Know About Reversed Phone Lookup

Your phone number is a way someone can identify you, similar to how a background check identifies you. There are traces of your number on social media, websites, apps, and other platforms. Many people, including you, may do a reversed phone lookup to see who a number belongs to if they missed a call. Below, we learn more about these lookup services.

Every Phone Number Is Data

There is no going around it now. Your identity, hence your phone number, has since become an integral part of your digital trail. It is now a data point, and is very valuable information for people trying to steal your identity and defraud you, and for the companies who spend time trying to stop these fraudsters.

Have you ever looked at the caller ID screen, saw the number and asked yourself where you know the number from? Yes, we do have times like those at some point in our lives. We used to wonder if we should pick up the phone and answer it, and just decide just let the phone ring through without ever knowing who the caller was. Those were the days without reverse phone lookup available on the internet.

What Can You Find Out With Reverse Phone Lookup Services?

Back in the day, when you had to look up a number, you had to look through the phone book and find the details of the caller through the thousands of numbers. The problem with that was, usually, by the time you finish your look up, the call rang through. And if it is a person you should know, then there might be some awkwardness when you call back.

Fortunately, the internet came and these reverse phone lookup directories have since migrated to the online world. With all of the public information available on the web, it’s not a surprise that someone thought up a way to put it to good use. They created directories with databases of public information for personal and business use. Many top reverse phone lookup services, such as Kiwi Searches, have huge databases that contain not only the names of people associated with their phone number, but their addresses well. Sometimes, it will include more specific details like email address, date of birth, and sibling names.

What Can A Reverse Lookup Do?

Reverse phone lookup services can help you find information about any number, cell phone or landline. However, it cannot uncover information about a number that’s hidden or is listed as private. During the search process, these services look through public records and their own databases for information pertaining to a specific phone number. After searching, the information will be displayed to you.

Can You Do A Background Check With Just A Phone Number?

Yes, you can. You can use sites like Kiwi Searches to display the details of the number you are searching for. You simply put in the number you wish to look up, and wait for the results page to populate. You can then use the information you find there to find additional data on that person, like financial history or legal issues.

With background checks like this, you can find out if the person calling you has present or previous legal issues, or has had difficulty with financial matters. This protects you from fraud and dangerous situations. People using dating sites can also use Kiwi Searches to find out if the person they are interested in are who they say they are since profiles on Tinder and other dating sites can be faked.

Is The Service Legal?

People don’t want to get caught up using illegal services. Thankfully, it is perfectly legal to have access to information and perform searches using reverse lookup services. However, there may be restrictions and penalties for those using these services to vet employees during the hiring process and potential tenants. Some lookup services are not qualified for business and landlord use.

Why Is A Site With A Large Database Ideal For Reverse Lookups?

Imagine you are looking for a particular phone number. You go to a site that you know has a small database, so the service searches their directory for the information associated with the number. Because the database is small, the information displayed may not be as complete as you want it to be. You go to a site with a huge database, such as Kiwi Searches, and run the same search. Since the database is big, there is a large chance to get hits on the information that you want like names, addresses and email IDs. You may pay a bit more, but you get more than you pay for.

Kiwi Searches has been helping people search for information on phone numbers. It has an easy to use interface with responsive and intuitive navigation. And because the database is huge, you will get a hit almost every time. Visit our website now to learn more!