Dos & Don'ts: Ways To Use Kiwi Searches

Our goal at Kiwi Searches is to give users the ability to access public records in a simple, convenient, and efficient way.
That being said, there are regulations in place to ensure that our service is being used as responsibly and safely as possible.

You Can Use Kiwi Searches To:


Reconnect with loved ones you lost contact with over the years.

Maybe you have an old childhood best friend, high school sweetheart, or distant relative that you’d like to talk to again. Kiwi Searches makes it easy to find their up-to-date information so you can write them a letter or give them a call.


Research your online date before meeting.

Online dating can not only be intimidating, but also potentially unsafe. It’s easy for someone to lie about who they really are online. Don’t get catfished! Type in their name or phone number into our site to see if they’re actually telling the truth. You’ll also be able to find out if they have been charged with any crimes in the past.

Find the One

Find the one who got away.

The complications and struggles of online dating may motivate you to search for the one who got away. Are you unable to get them off your mind? Wishing you could do things differently and start anew? Kiwi Searches can grant you that opportunity with its powerful search capabilities.


Organize a high school or family reunion.

Planning a large-scale event, like a high school or family reunion, can seem impossible when you don’t have everyone’s contact information. You might want to invite certain people, but they could have moved away or changed phone numbers over the years. Kiwi Searches will let you track down their current information so you can send out those invitations.

Learn about your neighborhood.

Did you recently move to a new area? Have you lived in the same neighborhood for the past decade and want to learn more about it? Get the data you’re seeking about the people you live next to and your neighborhood’s demographics.

Child Safe

Make sure your child is safe around other adults in their life.

It’s only natural to feel uneasy about leaving your child or children alone with a stranger. The same goes for letting your child sleep over their friend’s house. Want proof that the parents of your child’s friend can be trusted and haven’t been convicted of any crimes? Our search results will help you make responsible, informed decisions about who’s allowed to watch your child.

Who Is Calling

Discover who’s been calling or texting you.

It can be frustrating to receive missed calls or texts from phone numbers you don’t recognize. Is it spam or someone important? Look it up on Kiwi Searches to find out the name of the caller and location of the number… then decide if you need to call back.

There are plenty of reasons and ways to use our service. These are just a few!
On the other hand...

You Cannot Use Kiwi Searches To:


Screen potential employees.

As an employer, it’s important to perform a background check on potential employees. That being said, Kiwi Searches cannot be used as an evaluation tool in the hiring process under any circumstances.


Evaluate potential tenants.

A similar situation occurs when the owner of an apartment, house, or condo is looking to rent out their space. The owner of a building may not use Kiwi Searches as a way to screen potential tenants.


Verify a person’s educational background.

Some educational programs, scholarships, and grants require a certain level of education to be completed on behalf of the beneficiary. Kiwi Searches may not be used to identify whether or not an individual has obtained the requisite level of education.


Determine someone’s credit or insurance eligibility.

Oftentimes, banks use past credit reports to assess the risk in assigning a new line of credit to an individual or business. However, Kiwi Searches may not be used to evaluate an individual’s credit or insurance eligibility.


Stalk or harass another person.

Here at Kiwi Searches, we respect the privacy of others. All of our records are created using public records, which means that the information we provide is already in the public domain. Using Kiwi Searches to stalk and/or invade the privacy of another is strictly against our code of conduct.

Identity Theft

Commit identity theft.

Identity theft is a very serious crime which, in most states, is charged as a felony resulting in either heavy fines or extensive jail time. Using Kiwi Searches as a way to steal another individual’s identity is another violation of our code of conduct.