Your Comprehensive Guide To Doing A Background Check Online

Your Comprehensive Guide To Doing A Background Check Online

Everyone makes mistakes. But for some, it can be embarrassing if somebody finds out their past mistakes, like past arrests, through conducting a search on people search sites in the USA. And because criminal records and more are public records, anyone and everyone can look them up, you included.

You might say that because the records are public, then looking it up should be free. And you might think that you can search for your own public records (or any other person’s) on your own, instead of hiring a service or paying some site to do it for you. Let me give you the lowdown.

Is There A Free Background Check Site Online?

Yes, there are sites that offer background checks and people search services for free. However, you need to understand that these websites contain fewer public records when compared to paid but reliable services like Kiwi Searches. There are a lot of requirements to generate an extensive report on a person’s background, and Kiwi Searches pays for them all to bring you the best people search service.

The most obvious thing that we have to pay for, and the most important as well, is access to close to a billion public records available. Developers need to categorize all that data so the search can be done fast. Kiwi Searches also pays for engineers to keep all the data from clogging and slowing down the system. All of these expenses need to be covered, which isn’t possible if you’re offering a completely free service.

Can You Do A Free Background Check On Your Own?

You certainly can look for public records on your own, but you have to understand that it will not be very easy. The FOIA or the Freedom of Information Act grants you the right to request for access to records from a federal organization, but this is not an assurance that you will have access to the information that you want. The agency can decide to deny your request for information if they see that those records should not be accessed by certain people.

What’s more, the submission for the request may be free, but you will be paying for the time and effort in searching for and duplicating those documents. And that is true even if the search turns up no results that can be released to you. That essentially means that you paid for nothing at all.

This is also true for counties and states. Even with the laws regarding the searching and releasing of public records, you will still pay for the documents. You will be charged for processing and duplication, in some cases they charge by the page, so you will sometimes be billed more than $50 for a document. Plus, you will spend hours just to talk to the clerk so it’s a massive waste of time. It doesn’t sound so “free”, does it?

Free background checks online don’t offer the kind of service that you need. And besides, many of them aren’t free, either. They may allow you to use the service free of charge a few times, but will then require you to pay if you want to continue using the site. With all this wasted time and money on supposedly free services, the best way for you to get the information that you want is to use Kiwi Searches.

Is It Easy To Use Kiwi Searches?

It is pretty easy since the interface is simple. All you have to do is to input the name or the number of the person that you want to search for. Kiwi Searches’ system will look in its database and other linked sources for any details that are attached to your query. These public records are from county, state, and federal sources, and they are put into a report so it’s easy to interpret.

What Details Can You Find Using Kiwi Searches?

Don’t let yourself be fooled by using “free” people services. Use Kiwi Searches now to get these details.

  1. Record of birth. Everyone has a birth certificate, but even this document takes a day to request and receive from the county clerk. If you think that someone you know is lying about how old they are, just look up their age on the report and you will see if what they claim is true or not.

  2. Addresses. A Kiwi Searches includes possible current and previous addresses for a name. You can use this feature to find out who your neighbours really are by looking up their address in reverse. You can also reconnect with long-lost relatives and childhood friends by going to their home and surprising them.

  3. Education and job experience. If a girl you met at a bar told you that she is a professor at Stanford, you would be very impressed, wouldn’t you? The only thing that would mar that is if you looked up their details and found that she is a stripper from the local strip joint. Know the person before dating them, and Kiwi Searches can help you with that.

  4. Possible social media profiles. Do you want to know if your significant other has a secret Facebook profile that they use for their infidelity? You can look up their name and go to the social media portion of the Kiwi report. You may be able to find another active profile that they didn’t tell you about.

  5. Criminal records. Getting remarried can be a pain, but it would be more painful if your would-be spouse turned out to be omitting some things in their story. Know all there is to know about your future spouse by searching for them on people search.

Using non-performing people search services can be frustrating. Thankfully, Kiwi Searches is here to save your day, and your money, and your time. Learn more about this great service by visiting right now!